Desert Encounter

A very unusual story of a man who meets a woman, who very shortly afterwards unexpectedly wants him to marry her....
Directed by Roy Kellino
Written by Marc Brandel
First broadcast on March 22, 1956
Stars: Charles Boyer, Susan Kohner, Martin Garralaga and Stuart Whitman

To Die at Midnight

A prison warden desperately tries to prove that a man scheduled for execution is innocent.
Directed by Don Weiss
Written by Michael Fessier
First broadcast on March 15, 1956
Stars: Dick Powell, Alexander Campbell, Stacy Harris and Hallene Hill.

Red Wine

A British police detective travels to Borneo to capture a murderer...
Directed by Richard Kinon
Written by Lawrence G. Blochman and Oscar Millard
March 8, 1956
Stars: David Niven, Stuart Whitman, Joseph Waring and John Craven.

The Listener

Ida Lupino plays a woman who intends to murder her husband. .
Directed by Roy Kellino
Written by Cornell Woolrich and Frank L. Moss
First broadcast on February 2, 1956
Stars: Ida Lupino, Ralph Moody, Richard Lupino and Paul Boardman

High Stakes

Dante is framed for attempted murder...
Directed by William A. Seiter
Written by Richard Carr
First broadcast on January 26, 1956
Stars: Dick Powell, Frances Bergen, Herb Vigran and James Seay.