My Own Dear Dragon

A successful playwright does his best to avoid reading the script written by his young new wife...
Directed by Robert Florey
Written by Clock Dailey
First broadcast on November 18, 1954
Stars: Charles Boyer, Vera Miles, Mabel Albertson and Alex Gerry

The Contest

Dick Powell plays a detective who investigates the murder of a playwright...
Directed by Robert Florey
Written by Milton Geiger
First broadcast on November 4, 1954
Stars: Dick Powell, Marguerite Chapman, John Hubbard and Ray Walker

The Wallet

A formerly wealthy man has a sick wife and a lack of money..
Directed by Robert Florey
Paul Elbogen, Anthony Coldeway and Lawrence B. Marcus
First broadcast on October 21, 1954
Stars: Charles Boyer, William Campbell, Maria Palmer and Rhys Williams

Never Explain

David Niven as a man who refuses to have his kids go to regular school..
Directed by William Asher
Written by Written by Quinn Martin and Lorrie Frishman
First broadcast on October 7, 1954
Stars: David Niven, Irving Bacon, Janine Perreau and Herb Vigran


Kit and her fiancé are hosting a Mardi Gras costume party at her huge mansion when frightening news arrives...
Directed by Roy Kellino
Written by Frederick Brady (screenplay) (as Frederic Brady) , Thelma Robinson (screenplay)
First broadcast on April 15, 1954
Stars: Ida Lupino, John Bryant, Carleton G. Young and Arthur Space.

Detective's Holiday

While on a duck-hunting trip, Dick Powell suspects that his hostess is wanted by the law.
Directed by Blake Edwards
Written by Octavus Roy Cohen and Frederick Brady
First broadcast on March 4, 1954
Stars: Dick Powell, Joan Camden, Dick Foran and Barney Phillips.

Meet McGraw

McGraw, a private eye, is hired by Lila Lamont to protect her from her threatening husband Louis.
Directed by Frank McDonald
Written by Gwen Bagni and John Bagni
First broadcast on February 25, 1954
Stars: Frank Lovejoy, Audrey Totter, Ellen Corby and Paul Picerni.

The Bomb

A man returns home to find that his neglected girlfriend is now engaged to another. .
Directed by Blake Edwards
Written by Blake Edwards, Ben Perry and Jerome Epstein
First broadcast on February 18, 1954
Stars: David Niven, John Dehner, Margaret Sheridan and Robin Hughes.

The Gun

Dick Powell is policeman Dan Hodges and one morning with several visitors in his busy kitchen, his police revolver disappears.
Directed by Frank McDonald
Written by Frederick Brady
First broadcast on February 11, 1954
Stars: Dick Powell, Dorothy Green, Douglas Fowley and Ray Ferrell

Second Dawn

A man who has been blind for all of his life gets an operation that may or may not bring him temporary or permanent sight.
Directed by Roy Kellino
Edwin Pugh with screenplay by Merwin Gerard
First broadcast on February 4, 1954
Stars: Charles Boyer, Dorothy Hart, Luis Van Rooten and Edwin Jerome

A String of Beads

An adaption of Somerset Maugham's story "A String of Beads". Joan Robinson works as a governess for a wealthy family. She attends a party thrown by her employer and, although she is an attractive young woman, she is completely ignored until one of the guests, Count Borselli, appraises the beads she is wearing as a valuable string of pearls...
Produced by Ronald Colman
Directed by William Cameron Menzies
Written W. Somerset Maugham with screenplay by Don Ettlinger
First broadcast on January 21, 1954
Starring Ronald Colman, Angela Lansbury, Nigel Bruce and George Macready

The Bad Streak

A man determines to ruin his casino-owner father.
Produced by Charles Boyer
Directed by Robert Aldrich
Written by John and Gwen Bagni
First broadcast on January 14, 1954
Stars: Charles Boyer, Virginia Grey, Robert Arthur and Esther Dale

House for Sale

A woman visits an isolated house expecting to meet with the realtor. Instead, she encounters a murderer who's escaped from a mental hospital.
Produced by Ida Lupino
Directed by Jules Bricken
Written by John and Gwen Bagni
First broadcast on December 31, 1953
Stars: Ida Lupino, George Macready, Joseph Crehan and Thomas Browne Henry

The Girl on the Park Bench

Joan Fontaine moves out of her apartment and lives on a park bench to protest rent increases..
Produced by Joan Fontaine
Directed by Hal Walker
Written by D.D. Beauchamp with screenplay by William Bowers
First broadcast on December 3, 1953
Stars: Joan Fontaine, John Litel, Craig Stevens and Thurston Hall


An overworked shipping magnate falls in love with a blind woman living nearby, whose son is kidnapped by her estranged father.
Directed by Roy Kellino
Written by Amory Hare with screenplay by John Bagni and Gwen Bagni
First broadcast on November 12, 1953
Stars: Charles Boyer, Dorothy Malone, Will Wright and Hayden Rorke.

The Witness

Dick Powell is attorney Mike Donegan, who must clear his client of robbery and murder by finding a mysterious woman witness.
Directed by Robert Aldrich
Written by Merwin Gerard and Seeleg Lester
First broadcast on October 22, 1953
Stars: Dick Powell, James Millican, Charles Bronson (Charles Buchinsky) and Marian Carr.

Love at Sea

The wife of a journalist who is on an ocean cruise without her husband becomes the center of attraction for the men on the ship.
Produced by Merle Oberon
Directed by Robert Florey
Written by Benita Hume and Barbara Merlin
First broadcast on October 15, 1953
Stars: Merle Oberon, Stephen Bekassy and Dick Powell(Cameo)

The Squeeze

The District Attorney's son gambles and loses in Willie Dante's secret casino behind his restaurant, and when a gangster takes the evidence, Willie and Monte must steal them back. Produced by Dick Powell
Directed by Robert Aldrich
Written by Blake Edwards
First broadcast on October 01, 1953
Stars: Dick Powell, Richard Jaeckel, Regis Toomey


A struggling actor who looks like a star cannot get an acting job because his famous cousin prevents it....
Produced by David Niven
Directed by Roy Kellino
Written by Seeleg Lester and Merwin Gerard
First broadcast on September 24, 1953
Stars: David Niven, John Litel, Harvey Stephens and Martha Hyer